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As mantı7, we maintain traditional tastes and produce our products completely in accordance with Kayseri procedure by using the hands of the Expert who has been making ravioli for many years. Ravioli with no additives are produced in hygienic conditions in accordance with food safety system, 100% veal minced meat and absolutely without using any  soy minced meat . Our company has the necessary permits and quality certificates to make production.

Storage Process

We store our products at -18 temperature, and the validity period is 12 months.

The contents

In one kilo of Ravioli there is 650 grams of dough and 350 grams of beef that contains onions and a mixture of spices which is made by hands, 100% beef is used in our products and absolutely no other additives (soy, breadcrumbs, etc.) are used.


Our products are prepared in special packages in the requested quantity ; and we deliver them using our vehicles that contain a cooling system for heat preservation.

Upon request we can produce the required quantity and make the packing in particular; for ordering please contact our customer representative.