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Gamze Cizreli Big Chefs Founding Partner

We are very pleased to offer the delicious and fresh Manti 7 flavors as if it were the mother's hand at Big Chef's, where we adopted the principle of keeping our guests warm like at home. The flavor seeming to taste as how it did on the first day, its quality, excitement and the long experiences in this industry; we would like to thank Mantı7 for supporting the satisfaction of our guests.

Şenol Demirtaş Istanbul Regional Kitchen Chef

 As Big chefs, we support traditional production and food with true food values. We share food with our guests depending on the season and we provide reliable food to our guests with our products. As a brand that comes to these days with the success of a female entrepreneur, we would like to express that we are happy to work with your valuable manufacturer and thank you for your contribution to the country's economy.

In Big Chefs; We support your hygienic, reliable food production in accordance with quality standards and wish you continued success.

İsmail Ercan TURAN Kitchen Director

Our meeting with ravioli 7 was in 2015-2016 with the advice of a friend. Mr. Kemal was always with us as a staff member in our kitchen and since then has become a supporter in our many new products as well as supporting us like a R&D Chief. We want this company to operate in future kitchens with innovative and improved performance in its products. We would like to thank Mr. Kamal for his help and because he has become one of us.

Rahmi M. Koç

We have received your delicious crispy ravioli, which you have sent and taht I have already eaten in Kusadasi, which I like , and we'll enjoy it on Sunday. On this occasion, I sincerely thank you for thinking about me, wish you continued success, I would like to convey my love.

Burçak Yalap General Trading

It was a pleasure working with Manti 7, and we really appreciate you on the efforts for handling each order with the same professionalism since the first day.